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  • Turfgrass has a higher ...
    Turfgrass has a higher ... ... plant density which helps trap nutrients & improves water quality
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    Did you know? Lawn areas in the United States store 37 billion tons of carbon
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    Nature Even nature needs a helping hand
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Olympic Turf
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Olympic Turf

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This is our top selling turf.

A blend of top rated grasses including 15-30% of fine leaved ryegrass and 15% smooth stalked meadowgrass. The remainder of the mixture is made up from strong and slender creeping red fescue and chewings fescue.

A truly versatile sward that can be used in many different situations. Hard wearing and attractive and keeps its colour well all year round.

Applications include golf tees, tennis courts, recreation areas, landscaping, quality lawns and much more.

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