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Benefits of Real Lawn Turf

Lawn turf is a quick way to transform your outdoor area, add curb appeal, and increase your property value by up to 20 percent. It’s a proven fact that homes with well-manicured lawns sell faster than houses with unsightly yards. And businesses with beautiful landscapes are more likely to attract customers. If given the choice between real and artificial turf types, most people will agree, there’s nothing like the real thing.

Artificial turf looks like real grass, but it is made from synthetic fibers. This type of turf is commonly used on athletic fields, miniature golf courses, and in sports arenas because it is a safer alternative to hard ground and floor surfaces. But synthetic turf is not a replacement for real turf. Real lawn turf is grown on commercial farms from seeds, and has environmental and health benefits synthetic turf just can’t match.

Environmental Benefits of Real Lawn Turf

In areas where temperatures get above 90 degrees, nothing beats having real grass on your lawn; it doesn’t get as hot as other ground surfaces, and it helps keep indoor areas cool. This can ultimately save you money on your light bill because it reduces the need for air conditioner in the summer.

Soil erosion is a form of land degradation that happens naturally because of wind and water. Accelerated soil erosion can cause the serious loss of topsoil, and reduce the amount of vegetation in the area. Lawn turf absorbs rainwater efficiently and helps control erosion of the soil.

Grass absorbs carbon and sulfur dioxide, and releases oxygen into the air. In fact, fifty-five square feet of lawn turf provides enough oxygen for one person to breathe all day. Lawn turf controls pollution by pulling dust and smoke particles from the air, and removing contaminants from ground and runoff water.

If synthetic turf is not disinfected regularly, it can harbor bacteria that can harm people and pets. But natural grass is self-cleaning; it contains organisms that help degrade toxins and kill bacteria.

Health Benefits of Real Lawn Turf

Being surrounded by natural lawn turf has a serene effect that helps improve overall health. Studies show that hospital patients with rooms that overlooked natural landscapes recover quicker, and have a reduced need for pain medications.

Mowing the lawn reduces stress and gives you a good calorie-burning workout. A 150 pound person using a push mower to cut grass will burn more than 400 calories per hour.

Also, grassy areas can reduce noise by up to fifty-percent, giving you a nice, quiet place to live or work. And people are less likely to toss trash on lawns that are lush and green.

Other Benefits of Lawn Turf

The environmental and health advantages of real lawn turf may not be outwardly noticeable by most, but there are many benefits people recognize and appreciate everyday. One of the most noticeable perks of real grass is that it provides a calm place for families to play and relax.

Plush grassy areas are also great to use under children’s play structures because it reduces the impact of falls and lessens the likelihood of serious injury.

And unlike synthetic grass that needs to be replaced every eight to ten years, a real lawn that is fertilized and cared for properly can last a lifetime.

Turf Laying Tips:

The sooner you order your lawn turf, the sooner your friends and family can reap the benefits. If cost is a concern, laying turf yourself can help save a bit of cash. To get the best results, here are some helpful tips:

  • Please be aware that in warm conditons all turf must be layed on the day of delivery (within 12-24 hours) as it is a perishable product...
  • Remove existing turf with a spade. If the area is large, hire someone with experience to remove if for you.
  • Rake the ground until the surface is level. And remove rocks, garbage and other debris.
  • Start in one corner and trod down the area by walking slowly with one foot in front of the other. If you find uneven areas, use a rake to level them. When you reach the end, turn around and repeat the process until the entire area has been covered.
  • When the turf is delivered, store it in a shaded area until you are ready to lay it. For the best results, lay the turf within 12-24 hours of delivery.

Of course, if you’re not comfortable laying turf yourself, hire a professional.

Real lawn turf may seem costly at first, but it is an investment in your health, your property, and the environment. Property owners can cut out the middle man and get cheap turf by buying straight from quality turf suppliers.

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